Intro to the Archive!

(*suspenseful voice*) Welcome to the Archive. Ah-hah-hah-hah, me and my sci-fi references. I crack myself up sometimes, I really do. This, of course, is not Doctor Who's infamous Black Archive, and I keep no perilous alien technology here. Unless you're a Zygon, you're probably quite happy to hear that. You are, however, most likely here because you've... Continue Reading →

TV Review: Victoria Season 2

My parents gave me Victoria Season 2 for my 26th birthday! After living on spoilers for so long, it was SO SATISFYING to finally get to see it for myself. And no, the spoilers did not ruin the experience. If anything, they prepared me for certain heartbreaks, objectionable content, and lots of fluff. (Because I need to be emotionally prepared even... Continue Reading →

Another Period Drama Tag!

My dear friend Evangeline from Over The Hills sent me this tag--and I admit I was very excited about it. I did a similar tag last January just as I was getting into Band of Brothers, and the past twelve months or so have been full of watching (or re-watching) other great period dramas. Rule #1: Answer... Continue Reading →

victoria + the crown

It's taken me a while, thanks to the fact that it took so long for the DVD to be released, but at long last, I've seen The Crown! My sister Anna got Season 1 for Christmas while I got my own copy of Victoria's Season 1. We've been very busy "Queening," as Matt Smith's Prince Philip would... Continue Reading →

2017: My Year in Review

After the ghastly train wreck that was 2016, 2017 was far more enjoyable! When I look back on the struggling, heart-sore person I was at the end of last year, I can definitely see how far the Lord has brought me. "'Tis grace that brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home!"... Continue Reading →

A Holly-Jolly Marvel Movie Tag

Actually I'm not sure what's so holly-jolly about this post except that I'm full of Christmas cheer these days--and on that happy note, I was thrilled when Jamie of Through Two Blue Eyes tagged me in this fun challenge! Without further ado...allons-y! (That's French for "let's go." *wink*) (And by the way, all of the... Continue Reading →


Guess who reached her goal of 50,000 words for National Novel Writing Month today? For those who may not remember, I decided to do NaNoWriMo for the first time after finishing the first draft of my sci-fi novel, Lionhearted. I chose as my project a crossover fanfiction idea: a historically-impossible-but-alternate-universe-worthy story where Queen Victoria is forced to... Continue Reading →

currently: returning to the TARDIS

You never know what things will lead to, y'know? I watched Victoria a little over a month ago, fell head-over-heels in love with the story of one of England's greatest queens, and came up with a delightful idea for a NaNoWriMo project. Which, by the way, is coming along swimmingly. I'm working on my synopsis (somehow it's... Continue Reading →

Lionhearted: An Introduction

I'm about to tell you a story I haven'treally shared on this blog. Oh, I've mentioned it here and there, or at least alluded to it, but I've never told it in detail. A year ago tomorrow, I was lying in bed crying. Hard. I'd just experienced an awful Thing and I was traumatized, heartbroken, and... Continue Reading →


I'm officially calling 2017 "The Year of the Historical Miniseries," haha! First I fell in love with Band of Brothers. Then I saw Wolf Hall (which was good, though I had my quibbles). Then my parents and I started a re-watch of Call the Midwife (and it's as wonderful as ever). And now, I just finished this beautiful, inspiring miniseries: I've already... Continue Reading →

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