Introducing The New-And-Improved Formidable Courage!

Welcome to my new blogging home! Well, it’s not really too new…it’s familiar enough so that I’m not feeling terribly out of place. I’ve really just switched web addresses and done an Extreme Makeover.

Formidable Courage started out in November 2011 as my feeble attempt at helping along  Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. I took the name from a quote by one of my heroes, Ronald Reagan:

“No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.”

Since the day the Governor dropped out of the race, however, Formidable Courage has steadily morphed into my personal blog. I enjoy writing about world events one day and farm life the next, historical heroes one week and favorite movies, soundtracks, and books for a succession of weeks. It’s personal, and therefore just a little random, but with a genuine desire to glorify the Lord in every article, whether it’s short or long, serious or humorous.

I hit an enormous reset button in late March after my frustration with the GOP Primary hit a breaking point. This new blog, however, isn’t so much a “reset button” as it is a step towards establishing myself as a stay-at-home political activist and authoress. I’ve kept the old name, the archives, the personality–I’ve just moved from relying on WordPress to truly owning my site. It’s independent of WordPress–I bought the domain–it’s mine.

I invite you, if you’re a new reader, to explore Formidable Courage; just be sure to read the “About Me” page so you know what I’m hoping to accomplish here. If you’re an old friend, feel free to check out the new layout! I like it because it’s fresh and wide-open. Also, ALL MY ARCHIVES FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG ARE HERE! Archives are at the bottom of the sidebar and go all the way back to November 2011. (Let me know if anything looks weird, though; who knows if some little file got messed up during the transfer.)

I really hope y’all like this new set-up. I’ve been working like you wouldn’t believe all week. I bought my own host and domain name, did a photo shoot with my wonderful sister Emmy and my dear baby goat–taught myself a little HTML–all by myself! Well, not really “all by myself,” because I had A LOT of help from the Lord. My mom can testify that there were a few moments where I felt like tearing my hair out in frustration. But each time it was though the Lord was giving me ideas and direction. I’m so grateful for His guidance!

I hope you enjoy the finished product. Real posts resume next week!

11 thoughts on “Introducing The New-And-Improved Formidable Courage!

  1. It looks fabulous!!! All very professional!! I love the layout and especially the heading (or was it a header) I forget, well whatever you call it, I LOVE it!! I love the whole site!! I will now have to add this site to my favorites tab!!


    1. Thank you!!! That’s so encouraging after a week of sitting up here in my little nook glued to my computer screen!


  2. Way to go LouPat! Branching out and no, I like the not politics all the time philosophy. We all need to come back to Earth once in a while and smell the roses and appreciate normal life. LOL Cause believe me, Politics is not normal to me. I have a love/hate relationship with it. LOL
    Anyhow Congratulations and I pray the Lord uses your Blog mightily!


    1. “A love/hate relationship” with politics is about the same for me, friend. You should’ve heard me yesterday…my mom and I went to town together and listened to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh while we were in the car. I was talking to the radio like you wouldn’t believe! My mom was amused because I finally had to shut off Rush 😛


  3. Hooray! You banner is beautiful — love it! 😉 *cranes neck to see if she can tell what book you’re “reading”*
    Excited about Formidable Courage‘s new direction and new look. Love you lots!


  4. Well, this is a big letdown. I’m expecting some sort of engagement announcement and all I get is a new domain name! (this dripping with sarcasm) 🙂 No, really, this is very nice and professional indeed, Maribeth. I hope the Lord uses you and your blog in mighty ways! (and He will)


    1. (*laughs heartily, then crosses arms with an incredulous look*) Now really, Jonathan! I wouldn’t be “working in my little nook” and hoping I wouldn’t “run into any problems” if I was getting ready to announce an engagement! Although I must say, I was VERY amused when you left that comment the other day and couldn’t wait to hear your reaction when I unveiled my new blog–which, I suppose, is less earth-shattering than an engagement announcement 😉 I’m very glad you like the new set-up! Like I told one of my friends yesterday, the content itself won’t be changing. It’s the same old me–the blog just has a new look and I have FAR more freedom behind the scenes than I did before.


    1. Thank you!! Be sure to remind Kayla that as soon as she designs a blog button, she’s goin’ on my sidebar too 😉


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