{well, hello again . . . }

So I clicked “publish” on my movie review for Valkyrie and then kinda-sorta forgot about my blog for a week. Actually, the family was in “Last Week of School” mode–which, for me, was “Last Week of Regular Writing Schedule” mode.

I was really fighting to make sure that I ended my week of writing on a high note. Praise the Lord, I accomplished that and ended the 2012-2013 writing period light-years away from where I started last August. Just think, last August I was still working on First Book; now I’m in the last half of Second Book and I have NO INTENTIONS of rewriting anymore of it after this [insert many exclamation points here]. I intend to go through it one more time with a fine-tooth comb before I hand it off to Mom, of course, but I’m not changing the plot anymore [insert many more exclamation points here].

If I could have it finished before I go to England and then start Third Book when I get home–that would be awesome. We’ll see how it goes.

Similar to last summer, my blogging time will be a bit more sporadic until we get back to school in August. We plan to have a lot of fun this summer, though, so hopefully I’ll have lots of interesting little posts!

Oh, by the way . . . remember how I mentioned in one of my last posts that we had a major calamity with the swimming pool? Well, this is what I meant:


It, uh . . . it collapsed.

The pool was here when we got the property, so it was more than seven years old . . . anyway, it, uh, it had a rusty seam and just couldn’t take the pressure of refilling the pool after my grandparents had a new liner installed.

Paw-Paw thought he heard thunder, so he stepped outside to see where the raincloud was headed. That’s when he realized his back porch was full of water. What he heard wasn’t thunder at all; it was the pool ripping and 19,000 gallons washing right down into his backyard. Yes, sir, it looked as if we’d had a mini-hurricane, complete with a storm surge.

There was no saving the pool. Paw-paw, sweet, sweet man that he is (he deserves an abundance of praise!) let Mimi arrange for the purchase and installation of a whole new pool right away. The new one was installed on Saturday afternoon. We hope to don our WholesomeWear swimsuits tomorrow and spend the morning playing and exercising 😀 😀 😀

Swimming everyday is a big goal of ours for the summer. Our yearly deep-clean of the house is also on the calendar; also weaning baby goats; also visiting Nottaway Plantation. Daddy has lots of vacation days this summer (*claps hands*) so we’re hoping to enjoy ourselves as a family.

And in the midst of all this fun, we will be waiting on pins and needles for a new baby prince or princess of the United Kingdom.


It just doesn’t get much cuter than that.

So, what are your plans for the summer? 🙂

7 thoughts on “{well, hello again . . . }

  1. 😀 Good to hear from you again! Congrats on reaching a goal with your writing! That’s so exciting!
    Wow. An exploding pool. 😯 Did you replace your pool with the same kind?
    My summer plans: cleaning out, finishing projects, and making things. Oh, and earning 15 college credits. I just might be crazy. 😉


    1. LOL!! 15 college credits is quite a goal!

      Yes, we replaced our pool with the same kind. It’s rather nice to look out the window again and see something more than just a bare spot 😉

      Good to hear from you, m’dear…we need to get together and catch up sometime soon!


  2. I’m so glad you got so much writing done! I feel like a failure, LOL. I still don’t know if I’ll be giving Camp NaNo a second try in July or not, that’s almost upon me!

    Glad you got the pool replaced without too much complication. We won’t have a pool this year, but some neighbors are going out of ton for a week and we get to use their underground pool while they’re gone, so I’m very excited about that. (We use the same swimwear! We have the cullote type. I recently outgrew mine and will be just using regular capris and t shirt this summer.)



    1. (*pats Jamie’s shoulder comfortingly*) DON’T feel like a failure, my friend! Remember, “By perseverance the snail reached the Ark.” 😉 And at the same time, have grace/patience with yourself. I know I have a hard time writing when I’m under stress, and I know you’ve been through the wringer…the inspiration/direction will come, I have no doubt (*hugs!*)

      Hey, that’s so neat y’all have the same swimsuits! Aren’t they wonderful? I got the Slimming Swimmer style YEARS ago and still have it–and love it. We had some friends who got rid of theirs and gave them to us, though, and they’re the culotte type. I’ll probably be trying them on to see if they fit me, as my old one is rather faded, LOL!


  3. We’ve had a pool do something like that before. I like to look at things positively and consider it valuable life experience. (Which is DON’T LET POOLS FALL INTO DISREPARE.) 😉

    Plus it makes for an interesting diary entry. “Dear Diary, Today my pool exploded, causing a flash flood in my backyard. The casualties included a lawn chair, a pool latter, and my pride. Two cats were thoroughly drenched, but otherwise unharmed…”

    I’ve seen swimwear like that before! I forget the name of the company unfortunately… I usually wear a water-proof tee shirt and long athletic shorts.


  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m also looking forward to the new royal baby! What do you say, boy or girl? I’m hoping for a princess, but my gut is saying it’s a prince.


    1. In response to your first comment: I really and truly Laughed Out Loud for your “diary entry”!!! 😀 “The casualties included a lawn chair, a pool ladder, and my pride”–that is great. I think our own real casualties (besides the pool, of course) were my grandfather’s boots. They were swept away; he couldn’t find them, so he just ran out to the pool (or rather, what remained of it) in his socks.

      And in response to your second comment: my gut says it’s a princess, so…(*laughs*)…it’ll be one or the other! I Just. Can’t. Wait. I’m sure that when we hear the big news my sisters and I will be jumping up and down!


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