Southern Skating and Writing Woes

It snowed again this week, only this time we got a little more of it and a LOT of sleet. The mix and the fact that it stayed either at or below freezing for two whole days meant for a slick ice blanket over parts of the yard that were less grassy. That meant the chicken yard was our equivalent of a frozen pond. Meaning, Carolyn and I had a fun time doing what I call “Southern Skating.”

This video is only 20 seconds long, but you should get the idea of what I mean by “Southern Skating.” In the video you can see that the snow in our front yard has already melted, but the sun didn’t have a chance to shine on the chicken yard, leaving a nice, thick, slippery layer of ice over the grassless area.

(And yes, that is me talking behind the camera. Am I the only one who thinks one’s own voice sounds so odd on a recording?!)

It’s been too cold to do much else so writing, trying to get reacquainted with the piano, and working out have been my only major activities this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve had some real struggles with my writing, but my mom did offer me some real encouragement recently.

“It doesn’t feel the same,” I told her a week ago today. “When I wrote the first and second books, it felt like it was all spilling out of me faster than I could write it. I’m going to finish it–I’m determined to finish it–but I feel like I’ve run out of steam. I don’t know what happened.”

Her response was quick and enlightening. “Well, that’s because it’s the end of all things. You’re wrapping up the story. You’ve matured and your characters have matured, and because of certain things that happened in the second book, the tension is dying down. You’ve entered your story’s Winter.”

WOW. That made me feel so much better. This is winter. While some major obstacles will still be thrown in my characters’ paths, they are getting close to the final victory. My two main characters are married now, so they’re different. They’re not kids anymore. And yes, I’m still feeling weary. My brain is worn out by the time I finish a single scene.

But I will NOT give up on this Third Book. Even if all I can manage is a scene or two, I will write a little bit of it every day. Small steps, baby steps. A step everyday. Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go. I appreciate your prayers!


9 thoughts on “Southern Skating and Writing Woes

  1. I had the same burnout near the last chapters of my book draft and had to muscle through. You are not alone!
    We got a couple of inches of snow on Tuesday (whee!!), and patches of it are still adorning the yard. Global warming is tough, isn’t it? 🙂



    1. Well that’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one. Thanks!

      Oh yes, global warming is right at our throats, I just have NO IDEA how we’re going to sweat our way through it 😉


  2. I feel the same way about my voice; it sounds SO DIFFERENT on video, it makes me sound like a completely different person but that’s the person that everyone is so familiar with! Arg. I don’t like my laugh either but I have been informed by several people that it is a very nice laugh, so at least it doesn’t grate on anyone but myself. 😛

    I wish I had some ice to shuffle about on; it looks fun!

    I’m glad your mom was able to give you an encouragement boost about your writing; Moms are great about stuff like that! 😀



    1. Yeah, I feel like my voice sounds really slow, deep, and drawly! LOL…oh well, guess I can chalk it up to a Southern accent? 😛

      Southern Skating is fun but I’m ready for things to warm up a little! This has been what Mom calls “stupid cold.” I came in from milking the other day and my feet (already wrapped in two pairs of socks) were a nasty white-yellow color. I had to sit in front of our little heater and warm up! 😯


  3. We got a little bit of ice and snow a few days ago which was a surprise because we only get snow every few years! We had about as much snow as your family got. My brother and I went “southern skating” once the ice was completely frozen over our back porch. We live in South Carolina so I completely get what you mean by “southern skating”.


    1. It’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? We were in our chicken yard though so it was also a matter of “Make sure you don’t slip and fall on your face in the chicken mess,” haha! We were very careful 😉


  4. Ha! Hearing your voice on film is so weird. Why? Because you sound JUST like me! (Maybe a little different, but similar nonetheless!)


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