Of Books, Trailers, and the Teeny-Tiny Dynamic Duo

I turned 23 on Tuesday (that sounds rather old, doesn’t it?), and my parents gave me three very special books. I’d specifically requested all three, so they weren’t really surprises–although I’m so excited about reading them, I can’t decide which one I’ll dive into first!

FullSizeRender (3)

The Bridge at Andau is about the Hungarian Revolution of 1956–which, for those who don’t know/may have forgotten/aren’t following my writing blog, is what my new novel is about. The interesting thing about this particular book is that it was written a year after the revolution took place, by an American journalist who was in Hungary at the time. The book contains the stories of several Hungarians this journalist interviewed. I’m really looking forward to this book and I’m hoping I get some really great ideas for my characters!

Twelve Days is also about the Hungarian Revolution, though it’s more of a history book than a collection of personal stories. This one should give me lots of political background and a blow-by-blow retelling of the rebellion. I love that picture on the cover of Hungarian rebels sitting on a Soviet tank!

In the Heart of the Sea isn’t about the Hungarian Revolution at all, haha. It’s about the Nantucket whaleship, the Essex, which was destroyed by an angry sperm whale back in the 1800’s. High adventure and several blood-curdling incidents ensued as the crew struggled to survive in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The story of the Essex then went on to inspire Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

“What in the world got you interested in that, Maribeth?!”  Um, well. (*shifts from foot to foot like a little kid with its hand caught in the cookie jar*) See, there’s a movie coming out about it in December . . . and it’s directed by Ron Howard . . . oh, and the main character is played by my new favorite actor. Ahem-ahoom-and-et-cetera-I’ll-let-you-figure-that-one-out.

So yes, I want to read the book before I see the movie. Here, watch the trailer. You’re welcome.

Then, my parents totally surprised me with a fourth gift. I was not expecting it, and I confess, I squealed when I pulled it out of the bag.

FullSizeRender (1)


Yes, my mom had the brilliant idea to get me a Thor FunkoPOP! doll. She said it just didn’t seem right for Lady Sif to be alone. (God bless my mom–she understands these things.) Also, he comes from the Dark World set, just like Sif, and Mom said there were only a few of them left on Amazon. So she got him before they sold out.

The Cuteness Factor is way too high with this little guy. His armor and his boots and his little fists–and he even has Mjölnir! Thor can’t go anywhere without Mjölnir. That would be so wrong.

FullSizeRender (2)

“And who proved wrong all who scoffed at the idea that a young maiden could be one of the fiercest warriors this realm has ever known?”
I did!!”
“Uh, true, but I supported you, Sif.”

And on that note . . . who’s seen the new Age of Ultron trailer?

My favorite part:



Oh, and that explosion you heard yesterday? That was the sound of us super-secret we-never-said-anything-for-fear-of-excommunication Bruce&Tasha shippers FINALLY breaking out of hiding.


But don’t worry, that’s not the only thing in the trailer that made me squeal. May 1 can’t get here fast enough.



Avengers Assemble!

12 thoughts on “Of Books, Trailers, and the Teeny-Tiny Dynamic Duo

  1. haha. I soon as I saw “The Heart of the Sea” I was like, aha! I know why she wants *that* one…. 🙂

    THAT TRAILER….!!! 😀 😀

    Except I’m still a clintasha shipper. YES.


    1. (*laughs*) Ah, well, what can I say? I am a history nut AND a fangirl, and both sides of me shall be appeased with “In the Heart of the Sea.” 😉 😉 😉

      THE TRAILER!!! Isn’t it awesome? And don’t worry, I have no hate for Clintasha shippers. Especially since we still have to wait 2 months to find out EXACTLY what’s going on. For all we know, that could be a vision or something brought on by Wanda Maximoff messing with their brains.

      We shall see, we shall see. (*rubs hands together excitedly*)


  2. Happy Birthday! What fantastic gifts!
    Moby Dick is one of my favorite books, so I’m really looking forward to the movie (for reasons other than the obvious, hehe) and your review of the book!


    1. Thank you, Patience! And yes, I will definitely let everyone know how the book is. I read some of it yesterday and found it to be very, very well-written. It’ll be a little spooky in some places, but it’s pretty amazing that some of the crew survived the whole ordeal!


  3. Happy, happy birthday from all of us to you,
    We’re glad it was your birthday,
    We’re partying with you!
    And little Thor and Sif ARE ADORABLE!!


  4. Happy Birthday again!!! Your Thor and Sif FunkoPOPs are perfect together! ❤

    I'm so excited for Age of Ultron but I'm not watching the new trailer. Nope nope nope waiting for the movie! 😀



    1. All Hail Her Majesty Jamie, Queen of No-Spoilers! LOL just kidding 😉 I commend your ability to resist temptation. I’d never be able to stand the suspense!


  5. Hey hey hey hey hey HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY. I’d say I hope it was fantabulous but it looks like it was so yay. 🙂

    I’ve been really out-of-the-loop with upcoming movies lately and while the Heart of the Ocean doesn’t interest me too much right now (maybe you can change that; who knows?) I’m glad to know it’s coming out. If that makes any sense. *old lady voice* I feel just a little more in tune with what them young people are doing these days…

    Hm…Bruce and Natasha…well, Clint and Nat are my babies, but then again I’m not terribly opposed to BuckyNat…who knows, it may grow on me… (I’m multishipper trash. AUs are my life.)

    I feel like I should say something more but nothing comes to mind so I shall leave before I ramble on even more.

    Have a wonderful day. 🙂


    1. Hey, Zenta!! Good to see you around these parts again! And yes, my birthday was fantabulous 🙂

      An update on “In the Heart of the Sea”: I started reading it today while on a road trip, and all but inhaled almost half of it, haha. Meaning, I couldn’t/can’t put it down. It’s VERY well-written and VERY exciting. Of course, I have at least four very good reasons for enjoying it (One, our family has always enjoyed the story of Moby Dick–Two, we also enjoy several Ron Howard movies–Three, HISTORY MOVIES ASDFJKL–and Four, Chris Hemsworth plays the first mate). So the possibility remains that I may be slightly biased 😉 But seriously, it IS excellent.

      I’ve never really considered BuckyNat, mainly because I have a hard time shipping characters who never actually have conversations (*hides from the Enjolras/Eponine shippers*). The sole exception to that rule, for me, is Tasertricks, AKA Loki/Darcy. I do support that AU ship with a vengeance, especially since most Tasertricks fanfics feature a Reformed & Redeemed Loki. Anyhooz. It’ll be interesting to see if Bruce/Tasha really ARE a thing, or if a Certain Anti-Heroine is just messing with their brains.


  6. A very happy birthday to you , Maribeth! All of your gifts look splendid, and I’m hoping you’ll tell us all what you think of your books once you read them. 🙂 AGE OF ULTRON, though! I really cannot wait. And, since it comes out on my birthday, so I’m planning to go see it with some friends. Oh, and I’m very glad little Lady Sif has a buddy now, particularly *that* buddy. They’re so cute *squeals*!



    1. Thank you, Reyna! Yes, I WILL review my books as I read them! I have an awesome reading list for 2015 as it is…my New Year’s Resolution to read more and record the books I complete is coming along quite well!

      Oooooh, AoU comes out on your birthday? What a birthday that’ll be 😉 My mom’s birthday is in May, too, and she keeps saying that she wants to go see it for her birthday. And yes, she says she’ll let us tag along too. WHEW…thanks, Mommy 😉


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