Return of the Forever-Clever BBC

The game is on. 


I’ve been wanting to re-watch Sherlock for several weeks now, and I’m finally getting down to business TONIGHT. Little Thor and Little Sif will be my companions and we shall have a marvelous time.

Personally–and please, no flying tomatoes!–I think I like Foyle’s War better than Sherlock. The historical element of Foyle’s War appeals to me, of course–and also, Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle is simply a far more noble and likable character than everyone’s favorite high-functioning sociopath.

Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoy watching Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman’s John Watson. The dialogue is beyond clever, the mysteries are fun and quirky, and the acting is flawless. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still one of the finest shows the BBC has to offer these days.

My favorite episodes are The Blind Banker (even though I’m probably the only one who loves that one), The Reichenbach Fall (so brilliant), and The Sign of Three (sweet and hilarious–and I figured out the mystery before Sherlock did, which I considered a great accomplishment). And just think: we get a Christmas Special this year and SEASON 4 in January!

Look, ten months doesn’t seem like a long time when you’re waiting 12 months for Batman v Superman and 2 1/2 years for Thor: Ragnarok. There are worse things.


Another British TV series I want to re-watch is Cranford, followed by its sequel series aptly titled Return to Cranford. (My mom and sisters have expressed a desire to re-watch these too, though, so I may not watch it by myself.) In many ways Cranford (based on some of Elizabeth Gaskell’s books, as I understand it) is like a Victorian Jane Austen. The story centers around a bustling little countryside community, complete with gossipy old matrons, beautiful young ladies, and more than one dashing gentleman “in want of a wife.”


A re-watch of the Cranford shows may also give me some great ideas for The Erika Project. I need some comic relief in the story, and since it’ll probably come in the form of a good-natured busybody, Miss Pole and Mrs. Forrester may be just what I need for inspiration. And since I’ve also cast Tom Hiddleston as a whole new character (yes I did), I have a good excuse to take notes on the wonderful Mr. William Buxton.

I also need to finish the first season of Call the Midwife. My parents gave me the first season for my birthday last year but for some reason I never finished it.



No, wait…no, I know why I didn’t finish it. Because I also got the first season of Sherlock, and as soon as I finished that I went out and bought the next two seasons. That’s why. And I just never got back to CtM. Well. I shall remedy that.

And last but not least, I need to catch up on Foyle’s War. Our family has been obsessed with this show; again, in my opinion, it’s the best British mystery series I’ve seen. But I didn’t get a chance to watch the second-to-last season! And I really need to watch it so I know what everyone here is still chattering about. All this talk of Russian spies and German POWs and corrupt politicians…it sounds amazing.


British Television Marathon, here I come!

13 thoughts on “Return of the Forever-Clever BBC

  1. You’re making me jelous of your BBC marathon 😉

    I caught the tale end of “The Great Game” when it was on BBC America last night and it reminded me of just how good Sherlock is. I CAN NOT wait for season 4- and the Special sounds like it’s going to be awesome!

    I really need to watch Foyle’s War!

    And Cranford. Goodness. One of my favorite period dramas, hands down. I love it to bits.


  2. I love Foyle’s War! And I agree – I like it better than Sherlock.
    Although, of course, I enjoy Sherlock very much! And the Blind Banker is also one of my favorites. 🙂
    Happy BBC marathon! 😀


    1. YES–the fact that I like Foyle’s War the best does NOT diminish my love for Sherlock at all! I was watching “The Blind Banker” just last night and marveling at how fun and clever and rather cute Sherlock himself can be. The way he bobs up and down between the cubicles at the bank is hilarious!


  3. I love The Blind Banker! I started the Call the Midwife too but I never finished the first season either…I want to though, it was a good show!!!

    PS I’ve tagged you over on my blog, if you’d like to do it! 🙂



  4. Hi again! We just “met” on Pinterest a few minutes ago 😉 So now I’m checking out your blog! And I guess my answer about if you had any siblings is now answered. That’s so neat that you’re the eldest of nine children! I’m the eldest of eight. And hopefully there will be even more to add to my family in the future! I’m sixteen and my youngest sister is one. I LOVE having a large family!!!!
    Hannah Piotraschke


    1. Hello again, Hannah! So sorry I didn’t get around to approving your comment and then replying to it sooner than this. My parents took me and two of my sisters out to eat for our birthdays and then brought us to Barnes & Noble today, so I’ve been away from the computer. But now I’m back, full of cheesecake and two movie soundtracks richer, haha. (I’m borderline-obsessive about movie soundtracks. Today’s purchases: Thor and Anastasia. I am quite pleased with both 😀 )

      I love being part of a large family too; large families mean there’s never a dull moment! My littlest sister is five (*cringe* I can’t believe she’s that old), so it’s looking as though she’ll probably be our permanent baby…but there are seasons for everything, you know–including new babies.


      1. No, that’s okay! It was fast enough for me 🙂 I don’t always get around to the computer either, and today especially was extremely busy! My family is involved with a homeschool group, and we are putting on a musical the last weekend in April. So today we were fundraising at Walker Forge, where my Dad works. We did all three shifts, and I’m exhausted… but it was fun laughing over our pathetic attempts of fitting three-four tortillas on a paper plate, then getting enough meat on without making it all into a mess 😛 I guess the guys probably didn’t really care as long as they got meat; I mean… they’re filthy with grease, I hardly doubt they mind a bit of food on every part of their plate besides ON the shells. But anyway, sorry for going on and on, but seriously, that’s all we did today!


      2. Ooops…. I did not mean to publish that comment yet!!!! Sorry 😦
        Oh! New soundtracks are so much fun!!! I don’t have too many, but there are so many times when I see a new movie and wish I had a soundtrack for the awesome music! And Thor is one of my favorite heroes 🙂 Captain America would be my first, though 🙂 And speaking of movies… have you seen the new Cinderella movie?
        I know! Big families are definitely not boring! How many brothers and how many sisters do you have? I have four sisters and three brothers. The ages are 16 (me), 15, 13, 11, 8, 5, 3, and 1. Do you have a lot of cousins as well? I don’t have too many on my Dad’s side, but there’s about 40 cousins on my Mom’s side.
        Nice writing to you!!!!


      3. Hahaha!! I LOVE the image of y’all scrambling to put together tortillas! Sounds like a great team effort!

        Oh, I have loved soundtracks since I bought my very first one–the soundtrack for The Return of the King. And thus began my collection, haha! And yes, Thor is one of my favorites too. Scratch that–he IS my favorite 😉 And I love Captain America and Superman dearly, too. I have NOT seen the new Cinderella movie yet–BUT I WANT TO!! It looks so beautiful. And since Kenneth Branagh is the director and Patrick Doyle does the music, and since they made such a great team with the first Thor movie, I have very high expectations!

        I have six sisters and two brothers. It sounds like your age gaps within your family are very similar to ours! We go from 23 (me), 21, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 7, and 5. And we only have 4 cousins, so I can’t even fathom having 40! Oh my goodness! That must be crazy (but fun!) around the holidays, haha! 😀


      4. I’m sure you would LOVE Cinderella 🙂 It’s my new favorite movie! So well put together (although still a little cheesy in some parts with the magic), and I almost cried in some parts. A few of my friends and my sister and I went to see it together last Tuesday!
        Having lots of cousins is the BEST!!! For Thanksgiving and Easter, everyone gets together at my grandparents house, and yes, it IS crazy! The eldest grandchild is only turning 19 next month, so we have a LOT of young kids (well, children… my cousin has goats and she used to tease me that children are NOT kids :P) running all over 🙂 I love it.
        So… I know you love to write, and you’ve written novels already, right? My greatest dream, next to getting married and raising a family, is to be an author! You inspire me with your joy of putting together words. Have you ever published a book? I have three novels started right now, and I keep getting stuck… I can always come up with perfect beginnings and the perfect endings, but the middle tends to stump me; I just can’t seem to keep it interesting without giving away all the secrets before the right time… in the end!


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