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Jamie of Through Two Blue Eyes has once again tagged me (bless her, bless her a thousand times), this time with the “10 Favorite Screen Characters” tag!

Instructions: For this quick, fun blog hop, you just name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV, then tag 10 friends (if you can) to do the same!

Jamie, however, had a fantastic idea. Instead of mentioning her obvious favorites on her own blog, she picked some of her more obscure favorites. I love this idea, so I’m going to follow her lead and steer away from my obvious favorites (Clark Kent, Skeeter Phelan, Thor, Prince Hal, etc.).

Oh, and these are in no particular order. Just my 10 less obvious favorites.


Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird: I’ve loved Atticus for a long time, thanks to my daddy introducing me to this movie when I was very young. As a result, I’ve found that most of the fictional heroes I’ve crushed on admired since then have resembled this calm, grounded, principled man in some form or fashion. Atticus stands for truth and justice, in spite of the threats that are leveled against him–but he’s also a gentle, reasonable father and a compassionate leader. If you haven’t seen this movie or read the book, I highly recommend both.


Helen Parr from The IncrediblesWhen I’m asked what superpower I’d like to have, I always say “Helen Parr’s stretchability,” because I’m short and it would be incredibly convenient. Seriously, though, Helen Parr is probably my favorite Pixar character, with the possible exception of Mike Wazowski. One minute she’s vacuuming her house and giving her baby a bath, and the next minute she’s flying a jet so she can help her hubby fight the bad guys. She’s just a woman of many talents and abilities, okay?


William Buxton from Return to Cranford: In my personal and highly biased opinion, only Mr. Knightley surpasses William Buxton in the Period Drama Heroes Hall of Fame. Move aside, Mr. Darcy. William is irrepressibly cheerful and gentle-hearted–but he also has big dreams and is willing to work hard for them, even when everyone else thinks he’s out of his mind. If you don’t love William Buxton (and Mr. Thomas William H.) after watching this show then there’s just something wrong with youuuuu.


Christopher Foyle from Foyle’s WarI actually like this detective better than Sherlock Holmes. He’s always calm and level-headed, no matter how dangerous or infuriating a situation; he’s also a restrained but kindly father-figure to his frazzle-brained driver, Samantha Stewart. He has a strong sense of right and wrong that guides him well through the ethical issues surrounding various espionage cases and government decisions at the height of World War II.

THOR2_Frigga copy

Queen Frigga from Thor: The Dark WorldSuper Mama for the win. Frigga is a great mom to both of her sons, providing firm counsel and scoldings when they need it as well as encouragement and unconditional love. She is beauty, she is grace–but she will punch you in the face (or stick you with her sword) if you 1) threaten her husband, or 2) threaten her future daughter-in-law. And she’s smart. If I had a bunch of Dark Elves coming after me I’d be “yes ma’am-ing” her, too.


Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby ShowThe Cosby Show is my favorite sitcom, and to be honest, when this show came to mind for this tag I wasn’t sure whether to honor Cliff or his wise, sassy wife Claire. I settled with Cliff only because of my great and enduring love for Bill Cosby. Dr. Huxtable is a great dad and quite the romantic husband, with a passionate love for jazz, “zerberts” (raspberry kisses from little kids), and chess. Except when his son beats him at a chess game; then it’s not so fun anymore.


Jed Eckert from Red Dawn: I got very attached to Jed Eckert very quickly, for more than just the obvious reasons. He’s the kind of character I seem to be naturally drawn to. As a Marine, he’s a clean-cut, disciplined guy who knows how to lead a pack of inexperienced teenagers in their fight against Communist invaders–but he’s also kind, understanding, and compassionate towards his little team. In many ways, Jed inspired the hero of my current novel, so he definitely has a special place in my heart.


John Watson from SherlockJohn is undoubtedly the most realistic character in Sherlock: a hard-working homebody who really just enjoys a nice cuppa and would rather not get involved in Sherlock’s drama. (You can take Martin Freeman away from The Hobbit but you can’t take the hobbit out of Martin Freeman.) Still, in spite of his more laid-back ways, John is always getting dragged into all manner of adventures he neither asked nor planned for. But oh, how he really does love it–far more than he’d ever admit.


Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit trilogy: The Hobbit movies were rife with character developments (and characters) that were NOT in the book–but Bard the Bowman was one character who really benefited from all the extra, non-canonical material. My favorite scene in the trilogy comes from the last film, when Bard defeats Smaug the Dragon. I know it doesn’t happen this way in the book, but his young son helps him and it’s a beautiful picture of a loving father who has his son’s total trust and respect.

Spencer Pie

Minny Jackson from The Help: Skeeter Phelan, the main protagonist of The Help, is one of my absolute favorite fictional characters ever…but I adore Minny Jackson, too. She has some of the best lines, both in the movie and the book. “You two givin’ me heart palpitations!” “Minny don’t burn no chicken.” And of course the infamous “Eat my…” Well, I shan’t go on, ‘twouldn’t be polite.  But for all her sass-mouthing, Minny is loyal to her friends, courageous, and compassionate…even to someone as crazy as Miss Celia.

There were plenty of other characters I thought of while I put this post together (Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail, Horatio Hornblower, Miss Pole from Cranford, Han Solo, and Sam Wilson from The Winter Soldier all came to mind). But still, this is a good, well-rounded list. Even if the guys do outnumber the girls. I don’t care, I like my heroes.

Since it’s getting late and I have emails to catch up on before another full day of writing tomorrow (yippee!), I’m simply going to open this tag to anyone who wants to do it themselves! Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The “10 Favorite Screen Characters” Tag

  1. Red Dawn has Chris Hemsworth in it? I’ll certainly be watching that 😉 I really like this idea of choosing the less obvious intriguing characters, and I think you’ve just introduced me to some new movies, so thank you for that. I’ve wanted to read To Kill a Mockingbird for a while now.

    The Life of Little Me


    1. Yep, Chris Hemsworth plays Jed! I’d recommend watching it with ClearPlay, since there’s some language in it–but if you can get past that, it’ll leave your emotions in total devastation, haha.


  2. William Buxton-yesyesyesyesyes. His proposal to Peggy is one of my very top favorite proposals ever. 🙂 They are SO SWEET!


    1. In spite of it feeling a little rushed (and I think it only felt that way because RtC isn’t as long as Cranford and they didn’t have the time to develop the relationship as much as I would’ve liked), that is indeed an adorable proposal! I think you can safely assume, though, that William and Peggy spent a lot more time together than the episodes showed. If she was spending many afternoons with Erminia (as the show suggested), they would’ve had plenty of opportunities to get to know each other!


  3. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD LIST! I’m so glad you did the minor favorites, it was so much more interesting! ❤

    HELEN PARR! She's so awesome; I love her voice too, it's not the perfect Hollywood sounding voice, it has personality and realism to it! 😀

    I really need to see Foyle's War it sounds so good! I think my mom would love it too!

    Queen Frigga is so underrated and she should have gotten even more screen time! She was great!

    The Cosby Show is another sitcom I need to watch so I can get another piece of society. And because everyone says it's really funny! (I highly recommend Frasier for older teens and up, it's SO hysterical and adorable and full of great wisdom in the area of psychology and why our minds sometimes think the way they do. And I think you would love the British health care worker Daphne!)


    EEEK MINNY. You have made me want to rewatch the movie again! XD



    1. I love Holly Hunter’s voice too! She’s going to be in the new Batman/Superman movie and I recognized her voice right away in the trailer. “Hey, it’s Mrs. Incredible!!” LOL 😉

      Foyle’s War is excellent. If you like World War II-based stories and snappy British dialogue and humor, it should be right up your alley!

      Queen Frigga is–THE–BEST. And I do solemnly confess that I have scoured YouTube for all her deleted scenes, haha. (*whispers*) She was so much smarter than Odin, she KNEW they should’ve told Loki he was really a Frost Giant, if Odin had just listened to her then Loki would be a happy sassy Avenger and everyone would’ve lived happily ever after, the end.

      Oh my goodness, you haven’t seen The Cosby Show? With your passion for sitcoms? Oh, yes, you will love it.


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