Say Hello to My New Little Friend…

I collect three things: books, movie soundtracks, and FunkoPOP figurines. You know, the little vinyl chibi versions of Beloved Fictional Characters? Square heads, big round eyes, with astonishingly accurate little details that make them unique?

If you recall, I bought a tiny Lady Sif back in January or February, and got Thor for my birthday. I have since stuffed several more into my Amazon Wish List–mostly, but not limited to, Marvel characters.

Most recently, however, I had my eyes on one little figure in particular…


“Maribeth, you can’t just go out and buy a new addition to your collection whenever you want,” said the Vulcan side of my brain (because I really do think I have one). So I refrained–good sensible girl that I am–until Amazon abruptly informed me that there were ONLY A FEW LEFT IN STOCK.

“Okay, a compromise,” said the No-Nonsense Southern Doctor side of my brain (because I really do think I have that, too). “Finish those two skirts you’re working on, and you can buy a Chibi Kirk.”

I tell you no lies, I finished both of those skirts in a single afternoon.



(*clears throat*)

As you can see, Thor and Sif are quite intrigued. I strongly suspect my little Kirk will soon be filling their heads with tales of beating the Kobayashi Maru and violating the Prime Directive all over the galaxy. And I’ve put my foot down: Thor and Kirk are NOT allowed to experiment with the combined force of Mjolnir and phasers. That would be most disruptive to my writing nook. Sif is in charge of making sure they don’t try anything too dangerous.

Of course, they ARE allowed to discuss and debate the efficiency of the Bifrost versus the efficiency of the Enterprise‘s transporter.  If they’re going to do demonstrations of that, they just have to be back in time for supper.

Yes yes, I know, I am 23 years old, I should not gush this much over my little toys. But hey, they add something to my Writing Nook and they bring me great joy, so…I think I can afford a rare purchase every now and again 😉

Besides…I’ve got my eyes on a certain little living-long-and-propsering Vulcan now.

But Mom won’t let me buy anymore till Christmas.

(*whispers*) Soon.

6 thoughts on “Say Hello to My New Little Friend…

  1. I don’t know what delights me more, that you finished the skirts in an afternoon (yay, motivation!!) or that you referenced my comment 😉


  2. It’s amazing how much that Jim doll looks like the character from the show! Glad you could get your hands on one! I totally see Thor and Jim being friends and comparing technology and weapons–and just imagine what happens if you add Tony Stark to the mix!


    1. Oh no. Oh no no no no–I would lose control, hahaha!!! Too much mischief in one place!!! 😉 😉 😉


  3. When I read the blog post title, I knew you got Jim even before I scrolled down to the pictures! He’s a great addition to your collection! 🙂 Ya know, if you can’t get Spock till Christmas, just go through a time warp or black hole and skip forward to the future. The Enterprise does it all the time. 😉


    1. Soooooo sorry it’s taken me this long to get back to you, Gingersnap! Isn’t he just the cutest little thing? And thank you for the time warp suggestion (*wink*) but I think I can be patient for my wee Spock…now that my mom’s got us all on a shopping freeze, our Christmas wish lists are becoming very impressive. Usually I always draw a blank when people ask me what I want for Christmas. I don’t think that’ll be the case this year 😉


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