International Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

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So I was alerted to this via Tumblr the other day and loved the idea. Today is the day where we give our favorite authors and their stories a big shout-out, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite stories that I’ve collected on my profile!

Let me say first that I really try to seek out wholesome stories, and I can pretty much guarantee that the stories I list here are good, clean ones. There may be a bad word here and there, but nothing atrocious, and no smut. That said, you are responsible for which stories/fandoms you wish to read or avoid according to your own convictions.

Sentences in italics are the summaries provided by the authors (who almost always use pseudonyms, by the way). Sentences within parentheses are my comments. And yes, I know…my favored categories and characters are quite obvious 😉


1. Marvel Comics/Cinematic Universe

Safe and Sound by Alydia Rackham. Natasha knows her life is over. She had sighted down a weapon with that same expression on her face countless times. Now it’s aimed at her. And yet, instead of Death, it’s a warm bed. Painkillers. And the wide eyes of a six year old boy. (A precious retelling of Natasha Romanoff’s “adoption” by the Barton family. This author is one of my favorites.)

Mother’s Day by Alydia Rackham. Heartbreaking and heartwarming moments in the life of the mother of the Master of Thunder and the Maker of Mischief. Movieverse. (Beautiful story about Frigga, Queen of Asgard. Lots of bittersweet feelings.)

Nightingale by Alydia Rackham. This is the story of the near-fatal wound that gave Thor his only scar—and the woman who refused to show her tears as she sealed it with needle and thread. (A+++ story about Thor and Sif. This story would probably be in a “Top 10 Fanfics I’ve Ever Read” list.)

Trengsel by “darthxerik.” Loki doesn’t remember killing Odin. His worst fears are realized when he discovers that he is being possessed by an evil spirit. He seeks the assistance of an old apprentice, the Enchantress, knowing that revealing himself to Thor would be suicide. Sequel to Thor: The Dark World. (This one is in progress and every chapter leaves me on the edge of my seat! And lest anyone be weirded out by the summary, the “evil spirit” is, I’m pretty sure, a result of Loki’s imprisonment by Thanos.)

Safe In The Dark by “GoodForBad.” “No, Loki.” And with those words, he gave up. He gave in. And he let go. Loki falls into the Void and is not seen again until his reappearance on Midgard. But what happened in the intervening time? What took place to transform him from the brother he had been to the monster he became? (Blood-curdling account of Loki’s life between the first Thor movie and The Avengers. A+++ writing.)

Of Loyalty and Lies by “GoodForBad.” There had been no way to know they’d end up here, sailing above the darkened lands of Svartalfheim, working together once more to conquer a common enemy. In which the brothers plan the way they might deceive Malekith. (Are you sensing a preoccupation with Redeemed!Loki fanfics here?)

Allmother by “NightFuryofGallifrey.” The irony never failed to strike Frigga that the wife of the Allfather was unable to bear him children. Two-shot, focusing on Frigga, Queen of Asgard and Wife of Odin Allfather, and her undying desire for something that has always been denied her: Motherhood. (Another heartbreaking mess of Frigga and Loki feelings.)

In A Heartbeat by “NightFuryofGallifrey.” She won’t stop crying. Pepper can get her to calm down by the sound of her heartbeat… but Tony doesn’t have one. One-shot. Pepperony-baby fluff. (Gaaah, so cute!!)

Annotated Nursery Rhymes by “mnemosyne23.” Loki and Darcy babysit Jane and Thor’s baby daughter. Loki is surprisingly good at it. (Because the Tasertricks ship is my guilty pleasure and they crack me up.)

2. Star Trek

The Bermuda Spectacle  by “thewhitecirrus.” The Enterprise is snatched out of Bermuda Space, and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy find themselves forced into an unexpected competition: the Spectacle of Storytellers. (This story, written by the sister of one of my Tumblr buddies, almost made me cry. Which, considering my usual Vulcan demeanor when it comes to emotional stories, says a lot.)

Departure by “Aashlee Elizabeth.” “Live long and prosper,” he told the administrators. What happened after Spock rejected his appointment to the Vulcan Science Academy? Insights into Sarek, Amanda, and Spock’s thoughts. (Mommy Feels are obviously the bane of my existence, between Frigga and Amanda Grayson…)

Vulcans by “mytsie.” Amanda frowned as she watched her son linger in the doorway of the master bedroom. Spock’s had a bad day, and wakes his mother up in the middle of the night. (Sarek/Amanda/Spock fluff. It gives me life.)

Enemy Lines by “Inhoe Press.” In the midst of a terrible battle, newly commissioned Lt. McCoy meets a young Lt Kirk for the first time. As enemy lines draw near, they find themselves isolated from help. Can a seasoned physician find a way to save an injured Kirk and make it safe behind enemy lines? (In spite of some formatting issues, I love this envisioning of Kirk and Bones’ first meeting.)

Green as Grass by “Nesabj.” A tale of Captain Kirk’s first day on the Enterprise. (…and Captain Kirk’s first meeting with Mr. Scott. QUITE funny.)

Memoirs by “Kerjen.” Saavik’s and Spock’s introspections, first when she is twelve and then later, after Genesis. (This author has been writing fanfiction for a long time: first ST story was posted online in 2000 but written ten years before. Intriguing story from Saavik’s POV.)

3. DC Comics/Cinematic Universe (But To Be Honest, Just Batfamily)

February Song by “CuriosityID,” AKA my sister Emily. Batman told him to get out. And so he did. My take on the Stray!Tim AU. Title taken from “February Song” by Josh Groban. (My sister sometimes stuns me with her artistic form of writing. Look out for the reference to Lady Justice. It sent shivers up my spine.)

The Attack of the Unseen Enemy by “keviana.” Robin keeps Gotham safe by himself for 3 days. Batman returns to find the Boy Wonder has cared for everyone, but himself. (The first Batfamily fanfic I ever read, and an excellent one.)

You Are Loved by “Brilliant Brunette Beauty.” When Damian’s mother puts a bounty over his head, Bruce has a feeling his son isn’t as okay as he’s pretending to be. (Gut-wrenching one-shot about Batman’s little son, Damian Wayne. Who I love dearly, in spite of him being a total brat sometimes…)

4. Other Fandoms

All Lovely Things by “SadArticle.” ‘Providing a paycheck and looking in on them at bedtime would no longer be enough, he would have to learn how to care for them like a mother as well as being their father. The prospect terrified him.’ Mourning Mrs Finch – my take on the death of Atticus’ beloved wife. (First To Kill a Mockingbird story I ever read–very bittersweet.)

Grandmentor by “PlatinumPizzaKiller.” “My chirpy, early rising daughter is with Haymitch, who, in the rare moments makes an appearance, we do not see until late afternoon? This I have to see.” Grandfather? Nah, grand-mentor! (Sweet Hunger Games one-shot about Peeta and Katniss’ daughter, and Haymitch.)

Unsinkable by Alydia Rackham. Sherlock is visited by three women after being nearly-murdered: the first startles him enough his heart nearly stops again. The second throws papers down on his bed and calls him names. The third almost makes him forget the other two even exist. Spoilers Episode 3 series 3. (SHERLOLLY FOREVAH!!!)

Fortune’s Wheel by “RebelFaerie.” “Well,” Falstaff said quietly. “It looks as though I have the honor of addressing the Prince of Wales.” Escaping from life in Eastcheap, Hal watches from the crowd as a regal procession of a different kind passes him by. A retelling of Richard II 5.2, though more 1 Henry IV than anything. (Excellent Shakespeare/The Hollow Crown story.)


And REMEMBER: if you happen to enjoy a wonderful story, please be sure to leave a positive review for the author–not just today, but every time you read a good fanfic. It takes all of two or three minutes to say, “This is great–keep up the good work!” I know that whenever I get a review, no matter how short, it makes my day. These stories are often helping us wrestle our way out of writer’s block or offering a reprieve from bigger writing projects–or we simply want to contribute to our beloved fandoms. So reach out and encourage your favorite authors to keep writing!

5 thoughts on “International Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

  1. *rubs hands together in glee* Being rather new to the fanfiction world, I’m super excited to start diving into this list! I have barely even tapped into the Marvel fanfiction archives, haha. Are there any more good Tasertricks ones? For some reason I find that pairing hugely amusing…. 😉


  2. Hi, I’m a really a big fan of (attack of the unseen enemy) I red this story multiple time. It’s one of my favorite ever. Unfortunately the story appears to be deleted or had an error, long story short. I can’t access it anymore nor can I find it anywhere else. So please if you have a copy of this story I would be more than grateful if you kindly sent me a copy via email, thank you.


    1. I didn’t realize it had been taken down; so sad! And no, I’m afraid I don’t have a copy. Sorry 🙁


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