Star Trek Beyond Trailer Breakdown

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The first full-length trailer for Star Trek Beyond is in our possession. Move outta the way, Batman v Superman and Captain America–it’s time to boldly go from now till July 22!

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.38.42 PM

After dissecting the trailer I have many opinions and theories, and I’m extremely pleased with what we actually know about the movie and the hints Abrams/Lin/Pegg have packed into two minutes and twenty-four seconds. So without further ado, here are my observations. Lots of pics in this post, so bear with me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.22.26 PM“You spent all this time trying to be your father…and now you’re wondering just what it means to be you.” Very promising emphasis here on Jim Kirk’s growing maturity as a man and as a captain. After spending most of my time peeved with nu!Kirk, I’m overjoyed about this.

Also, note the parallel between this scene and The Wrath of Khan. Bones giving Jim counsel over a stiff drink (whether Jim wants it or not) is a universal constant.twokhd0114“It isn’t uncommon, you know. It’s easy to get lost in the vastness of space…” We know this is from a scene with Jim and a high-ranking Federation offical, but what’s on the hologram? A map of the Federation? It reminds me of JARVIS’ brain in Age of Ultron. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.23.52 PMMy Son My Child The Delight of My Eyes is introduced with an Abramsian lens flare! Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.24.33 PMBones appears to be scanning for life signs. Survivors, or intruders?Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.24.53 PMUhura’s prominence in this trailer is very exciting. Here’s hoping she gets a big role!Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.25.04 PMBehold the Triumvirate! Kirk is finally rocking the Original Shatner Look Circa Season 3, the Delight of My Eyes is in Vulcan civvies, I repeat, Spock in civvies…and please do not question Bones’ accessory choices, because Bones/Bling is canon (please see Star Trek: The Motion Picture for further evidence).Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.25.54 PMAnd now, trouble. The Enterprise is attacked by what looks to be a swarm of tiny alien ships that can breach her hull. Kirk gives the order to abandon ship…Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.26.24 PM…but I think he’ll put her into self-destruct mode before he goes. He’d never leave his lady in the hands of the enemy without doing that first, and that does look like a countdown clock right there by his head. Remember The Search for Spock? “Code zero, zero, zero. Destruct, zero…” Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.27.26 PMThe Enterprise boarded. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.27.46 PMPoor little Chekov in an escape pod.Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.28.24 PMScotty meets Jaylah. Don’t ask me where she’s from because nobody else knows yet, either. But she appears quite adept at kicking hindquarters.Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.29.51 PMScotty is impressed. (I’m convinced all of Simon Pegg’s characters make this face.)Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.30.01 PM Are those Enterprise crew members? If so, what does the villainous Krall want with them? Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.30.23 PM“Our captain will come for us. Mercy will be the last thing on his mind.”Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.30.54 PM“I am counting on it.” (Heimdall, what big eyes and teeth and nose you have!)Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.31.04 PMOne of my favorite screencaps from the whole trailer, because I’m a terrible person. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.31.57 PMBeautiful shot of Jaylah. I am fully prepared to like this girl.Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.32.44 PMCan we just appreciate the fact that these two are going to be stranded TOGETHER?! “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now!” Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.33.30 PMNow why are you readin’ up on the captain?! Again, this looks rather like something out of Stank Stark Tower…but this time it looks like it’s a Starfleet file (observe the delta emblem). How did this guy get his hands on thatScreen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.34.39 PMWhere are these Enterprise crew members being taken? It looks like some kind of rock quarry, and there are obviously some wounded among them. And is that a woman in trousers going up the ramp?!Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.35.09 PMSomething bad is happening if Sulu has to hold Uhura back. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.35.29 PMI ship Spock/Chapel in TOS, but I do approve of Spock/Uhura in the reboot! So happy to see they’re still very much an item, contrary to Certain Rumors and Internet Killjoys.Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.36.24 PM“Unity is not your strength! It is a weakness!” “I think you’re underestimating humanity.”  (Observe the Shatner Look. Restoring balance to the TOS Force one detail at a time.)  Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.36.51 PMTheory: Jaylah is like Black Canary. She can deafen everybody with her screams.Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.37.40 PMNow Spock and Bones are back with Uhura, they’re armed, and Spock wears a jumpsuit from the USS Franklin–but the way he’s holding his side makes me think he’s hurt. Remember that Instagram photo Zachary Quinto posted with green blood all over his hands? (Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with him about that. Still not funny, Zach.)Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.38.07 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.38.24 PMAnd the trailer epilogue: Jaylah plops into the conn like nobody’s business. Jim: “Pardon me.” Translation: “That’s my spot. You’re sitting in my spot.” Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.39.21 PMAnd Spock’s reaction is worth the rest of the trailer combined. Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.39.50 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.40.11 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.41.23 PM“He likes that seat.”Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 8.40.00 PMAaaaaand, cue trailer credits after an awesome shot of the USS Franklin streaking off into the sky.

It’s perfect. It’s not at all on the goofy side, like the first teaser kinda implied, and there’s so many TOS vibes! As long as everyone is still alive at the end (and honestly I think they will be because killing off Kirk and Spock is getting old) I think this will be great fun. And it’ll be my first experience seeing Star Trek on the big screen, too, so yeah…I’m just a little excited 😉

What did you think of the trailer, fellow Trekkies? Any theories and speculations of your own? What are you looking forward to the most? And if you suspect you’ll need to buy stock in Kleenex for the tribute to Leonard Nimoy they’ve apparently put in the movie, clap your hands.


16 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond Trailer Breakdown

  1. It is amazing how much McCoy, Kirk and Spock in this latest movie version are beginning to look like the original three. Even Simon is resembling Scotty. The trailer has the feel of the first series, with a more exhilarating ride!

    I like your freedom of expression in your review. I wish I had that gift.



    1. Yes!! Out of the three I’ve always thought Chris Pine looked the least like the original character, but the older he gets the more he looks like William Shatner. All is becoming right with the world again, haha.


    1. IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! I just want a deluge of Star Trek Things from now till July. Not that I have any complaints about all the Dawn of Justice/Civil War merch and publicity flooding the globe for the past five months–on the contrary, it made me feel quite at home–but now I hope it’ll be “Everything Is Star Trek And Nothing Hurts.” I want more trailers and t-shirts and birthday party paraphernelia and Captain Kirk’s face on Dorito bags and Spock’s face on cereal boxes and Internet memes revolving around Bones and a whole new set of Star Trek FunkoPOPs. Too much to ask? I hope not 😉


  2. Hi Maribeth, I have never commented before, but wanted to let you know that I have been reading your blog awhile and really enjoy it! 🙂
    And because I have been reading your blog, I am now a Trekkie too! Yep, reading your blog posts about Star Trek got me interested and now I love the series too! I have seen the two newer films, and a few of the older episodes. I kind of like the older episodes better. (Maybe it’s my nostalgia for the ’50s and ’60s!)
    Anyway, do you know that Lucille Ball’s (of I Love Lucy fame) production company, Desilu, were the ones to produce Star Trek?
    And, at first, Lucy thought that it was a show about sending celebrities abroad on tours? 🙂


    1. Hello, Candace!! I am so sorry that I didn’t see this comment before–for some reason WordPress hasn’t been sending me these email alerts. Bizarre. Anyway, I am SO glad that my blog got you interested in Star Trek! That’s pretty exciting, haha–whoo-hoo, building my fandoms one person at a time 😉 I DID know that about Lucille Ball–and I will find it hilarious for the rest of my life that she had that misconception about the story’s whole point.


      1. Hi Maribeth! No problem! 🙂 Yes, I still find it super funny about Lucille Ball and the beginning of Star Trek! Ha-ha! On a side note, I have a WordPress blog too (nothing much written on it yet), but if you are not getting email alerts from them trying going into your Settings – Discussion area and making sure that you have told it to email you whenever there is a comment for moderation. Hope that helps! 🙂


      2. (*frustrated noises*) I am JUST NOW seeing this comment, so thank you for that tip! I’m going to check on that right now, and hopefully I won’t have anymore of these shameful delays in replying!


  3. Hi Maribeth,

    I’ve seen movies where the producers wanted exact look-a-likes such as with ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ (they really did a good job with the casting and make up on that one) and others where they didn’t care at all whether the actors resembled the previous characters like with the movie, ‘Wild, Wild West’ with Will Smith in the Robert Conrad part as Jim West.

    They even tried that with Brandon Routh in the movie, ‘Superman Returns’ wanting him to resemble Christopher Reeve in the original Superman movie and he did somewhat, he just didn’t have the heart and soul of Christopher Reeve’s Superman.

    But I think the all time great recreation of a movie character in looks, mannerisms, facial expression and acting is Zachary Quinto’s Spock. I mean, he has the appearance, essence and spirit of the original character and I wonder – how did they do that?


    1. Wait, Will Smith as Jim West?! Umm, well, okay…that’s an interesting choice of casting, haha. I *have* seen a few episodes of The Wild Wild West…but I wouldn not say it’s my favorite show, ahem. Jim West struck me as a rather boring hero, not nearly as cool as certain other heroes by the name of Jim 😉 Although Dr. Loveless (AKA Alexander in “Plato’s Stepchildren”) was a fantastic villain.

      I think part of Zachary Quinto’s awesome factor as Spock has a lot to do with the fact that he learned from the best: Leonard Nimoy himself. They apparently became great friends (to the point where Nimoy even became a father-figure to him) and spent a lot of time together, and I think that influence is beautifully obvious in the way Zach portrays Spock.


      1. Yeah, the choice for Jim West was based entirely on Will Smith wanting to do it. The only thing that resembled the original series was the title. There’s nothing to glean from this movie, the whole film is world view. I don’t believe you would like it.

        And I agree with you about Robert Conrad as the original Jim West – wasn’t too exciting. I understand that he insisted on wearing tight pants in the show, I suppose to distract from his acting or lack of.

        I didn’t know that Zachary was that close to Leonard and so…wow! That is an incredible transformation. I’ve never seen the like.


  4. Maribeth,

    Los Angeles is a big little community. If you would be interested, I know the special effect make-up artist (Ed French) who worked on Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country (He won an Emmy for that) and for the Star Trek 2009 movie.

    He is the only make up artist who has put Vulcan ears on both Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

    This link shows his credit for “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country”.

    If you would like, I can send you the photos of his work. They are not published online and you could publish them on your blog (could give your blog a lot of publicity).



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    Nevertheless, fearful or not, I am going to walk and pray as I go.



  6. Maribeth, did you hear that Actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the recent “Star Trek” movies, was killed in a freak car accident early Sunday morning (06-19-16). He was 27. What a loss for the franchise.


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