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Hi, peeps! Time for a Currently Post because “I’m running out of time I’m running out of time and my time’s UP, rise UP, eyes UP!” And no, that reference does NOT mean I’m about to duel Aaron Burr–but time seems to be slipping out of my fingers these days and a “Currently Post” is all I can afford at the moment.

So…what am I up to?

Reading: Dear Mr. Knightley by Katherine Reay. This is actually a re-read but I’m enjoying the epistolary form after reading a long string of novels and biographies. The main character, Sam(antha), can be a bit irritating at times, but she gets better as the story moves forward. And the authoress did a great job of “showing” Sam even though 99% of the novel is nothing but letters.

Watching: Blue Bloods and NCIS!!!!!!! Y’all, I’m obsessed with cop/investigation shows right now. Blue Bloods is all about a family of cops, detectives, and attorneys in New York City. You’ve got your police commissioner dad, Frank Reagan (played by the amazing Tom Selleck), his oldest son Detective Danny, his daughter Attorney Erin, and his baby sunshine child Officer Jamie. Throw in all kinds of police/legal/political/family drama and Sunday dinners in every single episode, and you’ve got the closest thing to perfection on modern television.


But then there’s NCIS too. I’m only on the first season but Gibbs is my TV Dad (after Frank Reagan and Dr. McCoy) and Abby is my smol happy little goth daughter and Tony is mah trash son and Kate is my style icon. Oh, and Ducky…I knew Ducky looked familiar. It all made sense when I found out he was the original Ilya Kuriyakin in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Absolutely love this old NCIS poster from the first season.

Practicing: Handbells! One of the ladies in our church’s handbells group had to bow out, so I officially took her place back in August. I have the bass clef G, G Flat/A Sharp, and A bells, so whenever those notes are in a measure, I get to ring them. In their proper place and rhythm, of course. The hardest thing about handbells is that you have to count the beats to make sure you come in at the right time, and if the rhythms are complicated, it’s easy to get lost. They’re heavy, too. But it’s fun: I enjoy all the sightreading, the music is beautiful, and I’m just so happy to be involved with my church in a very practical way. (I just really love my church, guys.)

Enjoying: the fall weather! Which, for us down here in Louisiana, means that our daytime temperatures are in the 80’s and our nighttime temps in the 60’s. This is heavenly. And it’ll only get better.

Applying: for some freelance jobs in editing and proofreading! We’ll see where it goes. It would be a nice way to build my writing profile.


Building: a new Pinterest account. My other one got way too big and unorganized, and my stream was too cluttered and also rather boring. This new account is geared towards my writing: my novels, my fanfiction, and story prompts that might inspire both. I’ve also built a couple of aesthetic boards: one for Jacqueline Kennedy, and another for Lieutenant Uhura. I’m really proud of those.

By the way, if the board has “M:” as part of its name, then it goes with Metamorphosis. Which leads me to the next thing I’m up to…

Writing: Metamorphosis.

I haven’t talked about it on this blog at all; in fact, I haven’t talked about it anywhere or to anyone except for a few select, trusted individuals. I’ve been working on it all year, though, and while I’m still keeping the nitty-gritty details to myself, the short version is that this novel will be a science fiction retelling of Cinderella. 


It’s odd, though, and I’m not complaining…but when my novel is happy, my fanfics are happy. In the resulting flurry of creativity and confidence, I recently published “I Am Not Afraid,” an epilogue to the Star Trek episode “Plato’s Stepchildren.” You know, the one where Kirk and Uhura kiss. And that’s all anybody remembers about this bizarre episode, because it was groundbreaking and it was scandalous simply because (*gaaaaaaasp*) a white man kissed a black woman in nineteen-sixty-niiiiiine OH. THE. HORROR.



By the way, I suspect that if I were alive in 1969 I would’ve been screaming in delight and doing cartwheels because I’m such a rebel and I don’t just ship those two–I “luxury cruise” them.  





What have y’all been up to these first few days of autumn? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am kinda Pinterest burned out. I never thought of getting a new account . . . that’s a good idea. I just majorly deleted boards. I am unhappy with the suggested and advertisement pins. I feel a loss of creativity in Pinterest.


    1. I felt the same exact way, Livie–just burned out. Starting afresh and being very particular about what I pin (going more for aesthetics and quotes rather than fandom pics) has seemed to help with the “suggested pins.” They’re more related to what I’m looking for now. I just use my Tumblr for fandom-related pretty-pretties.


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