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Actually I’m not sure what’s so holly-jolly about this post except that I’m full of Christmas cheer these days–and on that happy note, I was thrilled when Jamie of Through Two Blue Eyes tagged me in this fun challenge! Without further ado…allons-y! (That’s French for “let’s go.” *wink*)

(And by the way, all of the usual disclaimers. Just because I mention a movie here doesn’t mean it’s 100% clean, look it up on IMDB, study the parents’ guides, draw your own conclusions.)

Captain America: Name a movie with a “fish out of water” theme. The Intern, one of my new favorites! Robert deNiro plays a 70’s-ish guy who starts working for an internet-based, millenial-employed company owned by Anne Hathaway’s character, a stressed (but very well-dressed) working mom. Robert deNiro’s character is definitely a fish out of water, but he handles the new experience with such grace, kindness, and gentlemanly charm! 


Thor: Name a movie about learning to use power for the good of others. This was the hardest one for me, haha. Finally decided to think outside the box and I came up with, of all things, Amazing Grace. I think any movie about people who use their political or social advantage to help the oppressed could fall into this category…and William Wilberforce and his team of quirky, intrepid friends definitely had to learn how to use their power well and effectively. 

Iron Man: Name a movie about an inventor. The Imitation Game, the incredible true story of Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine. Because even though Turing didn’t technically *invent* the Enigma Machine (the Nazis did), he used his remarkably inventive brain to crack the code and rework it for the Allies. He counts as an inventor. In my book, anyway. 

Incredible Hulk: Name a movie with a main character who has two sides to them. It took me forever to think of something for this category too, but I finally came up with…The Scarlet Pimpernel! And I’m not really talking about the whole alter-ego business, either. Percy Blakeney is definitely a man of extravagance and pleasure, but then he can become a purposeful, strong-minded, serious man on a dime. (*forcibly prevents self from waxing eloquent on this actually being a historically-accurate, defining characteristic of the Whig Gentleman during the early Regency Period*)   


Hawkeye: Name a movie that involves archery. Ummm, tryin’ to think of something that doesn’t involve Princess Merida, Katniss Everdeen, or Robin Hood soooooo…The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Susan Pevensie is an archer. (*shrugs*)

Black Widow: Name a movie about spies. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, AKA my favorite action/espionage movie OF ALL TIME. And it had a major influence on the characters and technology inside my novel Lionhearted, tooso it has a special place in my heart. (Here to admit I watch it for Simon Pegg, by the way…not Tom Cruise.) 

Black Panther: Name a movie about royalty. Roman Holiday, which I re-watched just recently. I absolutely love this movie. Audrey Hepburn is so elegant yet playful, and Gregory Peck…well. Swoon. And I didn’t know I needed this until I saw somebody suggesting it on Tumblr, but we really really really need a remake with Jenna Coleman playing Princess Ann, Rufus Sewell playing Joe Bradley, and Chris Pratt playing Irving.  


Vision: Name a movie involving androids or robots. Star Trek: First Contact, my favorite of the three Star Trek: Next Generation movies my parents gave me last Christmas. Data’s struggle against the Borg Queen’s temptations was one of the most compelling parts of the movie. 

Spider-man: Name a movie about teens. Swing Kids, the story of German teenagers who defy Nazism by embracing American fashions and swing music. This is one of the few movies that made me ugly-cry when I first watched it. Also: Baby Christian Bale stars as one of the main characters. 

Ant-Man: Name a movie about thieves. Rogue One. Jyn and Cassian stole the plans for the Death Star, amiright? And managed to send them straight to Her Worshipfulness, amiright?! ROGUE ONE DEFINITELY COUNTS FOR THIS ONE. 

Scarlet Witch: Name a movie with a powerful female character. The Queen, starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II. It’s definitely one of my favorite “royal” films and I credit it with maturing me beyond the happy-go-lucky “oh my goodness she was so beautiful and I just love her dresses” mindset I had as a little kid about Princess Diana. On the other hand, the older I get the more I admire Queen Elizabeth. She’s a complex but incredibly courageous, dignified woman. The Queen made me see her in a far more sympathetic light that deeper biographical reading only confirmed.    


Dr. Strange: Name a movie where a character learns to be a better person. In the interest of holiday cheer and consideration of our fellow man, how about A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart? 

Falcon: Name a movie with a great sidekick. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. For all its faults it’s still a good movie if you’re a DC fan (which I am, and unapologetically so) and Alfred was undoubtedly one of the best features. I love it every time he throws shade in Bruce Wayne’s direction. Also, he’s just plain cool. I think I prefer Cool Alfred over Cuddly Alfred.  

Loki: Name a movie with an antagonist/villain who steals the show. Oh my gosh, The Emperor’s New Groove, hands down, no questions asked. Yzma is the best. 


Agent Coulson: Name a movie where an ordinary character faces an extraordinary situation. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, the story of a small-town, Boy-Scout-innocent young man who confronts all manner of corruption in the United States Senate. This is our family’s favorite Jimmy Stewart movie and I’ve probably seen it two dozen times. 

Peter Quill: Name a movie with a character who is more than they appear to be. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Because something is definitely going on with Rey. Will we find out exactly what that Something is within the next 24 hours??????? HMMM??? She’s got to be a Skywalker. 

Gamora: Name a movie with a character who changes allegiances. I didn’t want to use anything from this series too much because I was worried it would be a bit of a cop-out, butsince Saruman is one of the biggest fictional traitors of all time I think it’s appropriate to use The Lord of the Rings for this category. Saruman is, after all, an angelic being who goes over to the demonic side. That’s a pretty blood-curdling change of allegiance. 

Drax: Name a movie with a physically powerful character. San Andreas. Dwayne Dah Rock Johnson plays the dad, so yeah…he’s a big dude. I really like this movie. It’s pretty preposterous (maybe???) but for a non-stop-action flick it has a surprisingly good story! 


Groot: Name a movie with a character who doesn’t talk much. Well golly, any of the Jason Bourne movies. That man hardly says more than five words at a time. 

Rocket: Name a movie with a talking animal. I tried so hard not to think of a Disney movie…and I failed miserably, haha!! But here’s a good one: I first watched Zootopia while recovering from a stomach bug last year, right after Christmas–and I laughed so hard over “You disrespected me, you disrespected my grandmamma, you disrespected my grandmamma’s skunk’s-butt rug” that I completely forgot about my digestive woes! 


Anybody who wants to do this on their own blog, consider yourself tagged!

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