Another Period Drama Tag!

My dear friend Evangeline from Over The Hills sent me this tag--and I admit I was very excited about it. I did a similar tag last January just as I was getting into Band of Brothers, and the past twelve months or so have been full of watching (or re-watching) other great period dramas. Rule #1: Answer... Continue Reading →

victoria + the crown

It's taken me a while, thanks to the fact that it took so long for the DVD to be released, but at long last, I've seen The Crown! My sister Anna got Season 1 for Christmas while I got my own copy of Victoria's Season 1. We've been very busy "Queening," as Matt Smith's Prince Philip would... Continue Reading →


I'm officially calling 2017 "The Year of the Historical Miniseries," haha! First I fell in love with Band of Brothers. Then I saw Wolf Hall (which was good, though I had my quibbles). Then my parents and I started a re-watch of Call the Midwife (and it's as wonderful as ever). And now, I just finished this beautiful, inspiring miniseries: I've already... Continue Reading →

in the footsteps of my heroes

I keep a running list each year of every book I read, writing down the titles as I complete them. There's a definite theme in 2017: almost all the books I've read have been about World War II. And thanks to all my reading (and watching!) I've gained three new heroes and role models who I've come... Continue Reading →

Worth Fighting For

It’s like in the old stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered . . . Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had... Continue Reading →

Happy V-E Day!

It's May 8! It's Victory In Europe Day! On this day 72 years ago, World War II ended in the Western Hemisphere. V-J Day (Victory Over Japan) and the ultimate conclusion of the war would come a few months later, but May 8 was (and is) still a day of celebration and thanksgiving. I love these photographs. Look at... Continue Reading →

anticipating: jackie

There are four historical films I really want to see this year: Sully, which actually came out last autumn;  Hidden Figures, released on Friday; Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan and due for release this summer; and Jackie, released in December. I have a long-time interest in and admiration for Jacqueline Kennedy. When I was little--9 or 10 years old--my mom let me pick... Continue Reading →

“The rivers shall not overwhelm you…”

Water is pretty much omnipresent where I live. Unless we're in a drought, "Louisiana Summertime" usually means a thunderstorm every day: dark clouds roll in from the Gulf, and once they've dumped their load they leave behind the sweet, heavy smell of rain and an oppressive humidity that makes your hair and clothes stick to your skin. The Gulf... Continue Reading →

“the rain came pouring down…”

I just wanted to assure all my readers: yes, in spite of the horrific flooding in Louisiana, my family and I are all fine. Our house is safe. Light debris, very full ponds, and washed-out gravel in the driveways are the only indications that anything was ever out of the ordinary on our street. Drive about... Continue Reading →

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