Intro to the Archive!

(*suspenseful voice*) Welcome to the Archive. Ah-hah-hah-hah, me and my sci-fi references. I crack myself up sometimes, I really do. This, of course, is not Doctor Who's infamous Black Archive, and I keep no perilous alien technology here. Unless you're a Zygon, you're probably quite happy to hear that. You are, however, most likely here because you've... Continue Reading →

A Period Drama Tag

Many thanks to my blogger-Twitter-Instagram friend Evangeline for sending this tag my way! I haven't done one of these in a while! But first, a little clarification about what "period drama" means. "Historical Period Drama," according to Wikipedia, "refers to a work set in an earlier time period, usually used in the context of film and television...A period... Continue Reading →

“To me, she is royalty.”

    On Friday evening I logged onto Twitter to find two of my favorite guys on there, William Shatner and Mark Hamill, expressing frantic concern over Carrie Fisher’s well-being. Neither of them said in detail what had happened, but I remember whispering, “Oh no no no no please no” as I tried to find out... Continue Reading →

God is not dead, nor doth he sleep…

2016 has been the roughest year my family and I have endured in a LONG time. It's been a year of heartbreak and frustration. And it's not just our family who's suffered, either. Everywhere you turn, there's someone who's been battered and bruised, too. Think about it. There have been shootings in North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, devastating earthquakes in... Continue Reading →

“the rain came pouring down…”

I just wanted to assure all my readers: yes, in spite of the horrific flooding in Louisiana, my family and I are all fine. Our house is safe. Light debris, very full ponds, and washed-out gravel in the driveways are the only indications that anything was ever out of the ordinary on our street. Drive about... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: “Star Trek Beyond”

If you want the short version, here it is: Star Trek Beyond is the finest installment of the franchise reboot, and I absolutely loved it. Of course, short versions are always a little simplistic, so allow me to wax eloquent for a few more paragraphs 😉 Over the past year I've become a walking, talking Star Trek: The Original Series... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Rihannsu Series

"Her name, to which various people had recently been appending curses, was Ael i'Mhiessan t'Rllaillieu. Her rank, in the common tongue, was khre'Riov: commander general. Her serial number was a string of sixteen characters that by now she knew as well as she knew her fourth name, though they meant infinitely less to her. And considering... Continue Reading →

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