Boldly Go

Well, the unthinkable has happened. My dad and sister roped me into watching some stupid-awesome show called Star Trek--and now I'm running around doing Vulcan salutes and mentally sobbing over phrases like "Second star to the right and straight on till morning." To paraphrase Pietro Maximoff, I did not see this coming. But before we get into this interesting post, I... Continue Reading →

The Great Subject of Romance

{Due to the subject matter of this post, parents of younger readers may want to preview this one first. Thanks!} One of my friends here on the blog asked me recently if I'd be interested in doing a post on romance. I thought it was a great idea! But here's the problem. Romance and I, we... Continue Reading →

“Nuremberg” Movie Review

I told you I'd pick something serious to talk about today, and I wasn't kidding! (Kindly forgive the fact that Alec Baldwin stars. It's actually a good movie, in spite of him.) Nuremberg is the story of the first and most famous trial of Nazi war criminals, which began in November 1945 and ended in September... Continue Reading →

Another Tag!

Last week I gave my friend Victoria, authoress of the Hope Writer blog, the Liebster Award. Victoria, Emily Gracen, and I have been personal friends for several years (Emily Gracen and I have been friends since she was seven and I was nine, and she introduced me to Victoria about three years ago). Remember this... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Movie Review (or should it be TV review??)

Congratulate me. In the minds of some people, my life officially began about twenty hours ago. I watched a Doctor Who episode. (*curtsies at enormous applause*) Thank you, thank you! Now let me tell you what I thought of it. First of all, a quick run-down of Doctor Who. This British television series is the longest-running science fiction show, the... Continue Reading →

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